Closed Cell Insulation | Poliuretan Spray S-303 HFO (For UK market)


Two-component polyurethane system (polyol and isocyanate) formulated to obtain closed-cell rigid foams to be sprayed in-situ for thermal insulation.

Global Apparent Density (EN 1602): 35-45 kg/m³
Declared Compressive Strength (EN 826): ND
Recycled and Renewable Origin Content (% Polyol): 21
Thermal conductivity (Lambda declared): 0,025-0,028 W/mK
Key Features:

  • NSAI Agrément
  • BBA Agrément certificated
  • UKCA Marked
  • Keymark Certificate
  • AENOR Product Certificate
  • VOC (A+) – BREEAM International
  • AgBB/ABG
  • Belgium VOC regulation
Swis Synthesia - Spray Foam Insulation - Closed Cell

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