Retrofit Foam Insulation


Spray foam helps create an air barrier system in wall cavities and may be used to incrementally fill an existing cavity wall or block wall assembly from the bottom to the top in a progressive application.

Allowing an existing cavity wall to be insulated without the removal of the interior face of the wall, providing an air barrier and insulation of the wall with minimal impact to the wall cavity.

The benefit of this is reducing the time, labour and the expense of removing and replacing the existing interior face of the wall. In block wall assemblies foam may be used to incrementally fill the interior cavities of the block to supply insulation and minimise the air leakage and heat transfer of the assembly.


Re-insulating part, or all, of your home.

Through our energy assessment, we provide you with a report of the parts of your home that require the most insulation to decrease your energy loss. You can also retrofit part of your home that has never had insulation. We’ll assess these areas and provide a spray foam insulation estimate to maintain a low energy use.